I’ve long had a book title in my mind: Waving At Cops. It’d be a book about smaller towns and how it’s important to wave at everybody to build your world.

I feel the same way about beer. I want to wave at all possibilities, give them all a chance, invite them all in. And why not? There’s flavor aplenty to discover. And I want to share it all with those around me.

Class of 2007, Sheriff's Academy, Story County IA

Class of 2007, Sheriff’s Academy, Story County IA

Perhaps this thought is front and center right now because I’m writing my book on women & beer. It’s on my mind because I think there’s so much more progress and value and life in the welcoming – the waving – to all beers.

It’s like waving at cops. Or the old lady who pushes her wheely cart on the sidewalk. Or the first grader with an oversized backpack. All of these people hold value and stories. They are all part of our neighborhood.

If everyone embraced welcoming & waving all beers and all people, I think the global neighborhood would indeed be a better place. I’m doing my part, waving at my local cops. And I’d encourage you to do yours. It’s fun, it’s good and it matters.

Go on, wave…..they’ll likely wave back.

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