Women Enjoying Beer works with select clients in the business of beer who want the leading expert on how to successfully market beer to women.

  • We don’t provide overall brand marketing strategy; we provide marketing strategy and tactics on how to specifically market beer to women.
  • We don’t provide SEO or so-called ‘social media’ consulting; we provide specific insight on how to market beer to women with a variety of tools based on almost a decade of data-backed research.
  • We don’t provide RFP’s or proposals; we offer specific marketing expertise via a framework within services proven to work for beer businesses who want the very careful and narrow focus of our expertise.
  • We don’t offer statistics on women and beer; we provide singular proprietary qualitative data insight only available through our firm. [FYI – stats are empty without qualitative data]

If you’re in the business of beer – not the romance – and want to hire the world’s expert in effectively marketing beer to women, call us.


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