Invite women into the conversation, the experience, and the equation.

Invite women into your beer

Make a concerted effort to invite women to partake of your beers in a way that makes them feel special without patronization and changing anything about your brand. It’s relatively easy to do.

Inviting them in means actively engaging them in conversation in your taproom, on the brewery tour, in the establishments that serve your beer. Talk to all your patrons, especially women, as equals.

Ask them what kinds of beers they like, what kinds of flavors they enjoy and then find a few suggestions to help in their quest to learn.

Think about what makes your beer attractive first off. Are labels true to brand and appealing and not off putting? Are they easy to read and decipher? Is your place/space clean and free of bad smelling odors? Do you actually describe the beers in non-technical terms i.e. – what the flavor/s are, not just “malty” or “hoppy”? Women aren’t dumb – a lot of people don’t really know what IBU’s are nor do many care. As long as the beer is good.

Inviting women in means stepping out of your own beer enthusiast shoes or brewing boots and looking at it from the consumer woman’s lens.

If you try, you’ll see a lot of opportunity that you can act on.

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