What’s important to you for your beer experience?

Is it the flavor? The freshness? The brewer? The ingredients? The packaging? The glass it’s served in? The idea behind it? The tradition? The friends you want to enjoy it with? The food it’ll go with? The perception of the brand? The label? Where you get it? How you get it? What it costs? How often you enjoy it? what memories it conjures up?

With a nod to Dr. Lewis, I’d ask: What’s desperately important to you?

Cheers to that ~

Cheers to that ~

What is it that really matters when you are engaged with beer? How do those elements factor into your priorities?

To me, it’s all about cleanliness, diplomacy and education.

Cleanliness. Any brewer worth her salt will dedicate herself to a clean brew house. Cleanliness and sanitation is what shows the commitment forward. Just as a proud cook should cook in a clean kitchen, an accomplished brewer must keep a clean brew house. No exceptions.

Diplomacy. It’s one of the most important facets of the people part of the beer. Diplomacy goes so much farther than snobbery and judgement. Being diplomatic means welcoming anyone who wants to drink whatever beer they choose. It means sharing, asking, listening, learning and being open-minded yourself first. No exceptions.

Education. It’s what makes the entire world go round. Love and money can be made and lost, education is here forever. Learning, sharing, listening, and giving information to others while wanting to keep educating your own self is critically important. No exceptions.

Take some time to consider what is desperately important to you and then follow that vision. When you do, you’ll be happier and true to your self. The key is remaining open to others and their vision, as we’ll all have our own way to execute what we see.

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