Marketing is communication.

When you know who your ideal client is – what is that persona [specific attributes] of who you want engaged in your brand – you can get really clear on your marketing strategy.

  • Strategy is the road map; your trip (business goals) planned out.
  • Tactics get plugged in after the broad scope strategy is mapped out; tactics are the actual steps to how to execute your marketing plan (strategy).

Are you seeing how it’s all related?

Plans lead to maximum return on investment of effort with proper forethought and investment of time, talent and energy. Then your dollars and time go farther, as you’ve got a clarity and directions you’re going. On purpose. For a purpose.

Marketing is a necessary part of all businesses. Only fools think you don’t have to, need to market – or that it’ll all happen via word of mouth. Word of mouth is still the result of your marketing efforts, no matter what they be.

Some beer businesses wrongly think that having or making beer is enough. It’s not. Simply having isn’t marketing; it’s only having. All business entities, of all varieties under IRS codes, must make money to survive. Whether you’re granting it all out to others, or plowing it back into the entity or keeping it for yourself. making money – making progress and staying in the game you’ve chosen to play – is the name of the game.

Said another way, smart business that happen to be in the beer world, understand marketing for its elemental contribution and seat at the table of the entity. It’s why you are in business to begin with – who is your market – who are you serving – who do you do what you do. That’s all marketing.

Marketing is essential to all business endeavors. Heck, it’s part of personal endeavors as well. Communication always has been and always will be.

Marketing beer matters. Do it well, do it right and you’ll see what it matters. 

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