Why would a brewery, brewpub, distributing brewery, distributor or retailer consider hiring WEB, an ‘outside’ source, to help with marketing beer to women when they have staff internally already in place?

Here are a few reasons why you need WEB. Consider:

1. What research does your company do specifically on women and beer? (not causal noticings and observations) Dedicated work towards identifying the reasons why women do engage in beer and why women don’t engage in beer – then all the hundreds of directions that simple query can go.
2. Do the talented people already in your organization actually know what to do in this arena, starting with how to procure this specialized information, and then do they know how to maximize it and really implement it and take effective and efficient action to realize the information to profits?
3. Think of Women Enjoying Beer as you would an equipment installer. Yes, you’ll own the equipment (staff), and yes, you’ll learn what to do with it (operations).
First though: who installs it and trains everyone in exactly how to best run and get maximum return for that investment (WEB)? How to care for it and really understand it to use for best company benefit simultaneously learning how to stay on top of the machinery to ensure long term success?

That is precisely what WEB does for your beer business. We exist to help you learn, see, research, and act on engaging the female craft beer market share from the female consumers perspective; the one you need to start with. We’re here to enlighten, share information, train and educate you so you’re crew can then run with it.

Hiring WEB to do all these things, training staff to carry on and forward is the whole point.

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