Many thanks to Jill Redding of The New Brewer Magazine for the opportunity to share via an article written by your truly.

The current issue, Getting To 10 Percent, came out this week. It’s one of the member benefits of being a BA member which is chock full of interesting industry information.

Women can not only help the craft beer industry get to 10 percent; they can help them get well beyond it too.

With 50.7 – 50.9% of the total human population, woman remain a extraordinarily under tapped beer market share. And it’s not hard to figure out why and also how to engage them.

A lot of big data companies, while certainly in earnest in their efforts, fail to capture woman and craft beer specific data. I’d like to see more of it and the breweries, and therefore our communities, can certainly benefit from it.

Women Enjoying Beer is the business that can help breweries get stronger and stronger by focusing on improving women and their relationship with beer.

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