Earlier this year, WEB published the first of many reports based on the 2012 Women + Beer Survey. The survey was available to everyone on the internet and almost 300 women from all across the United States plus some from other countries freely offered their opinions.

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WEB conducting a women & beer focus group

Let me rephrase that: They offered their impassioned, its-about-time-someone-asked-us thoughts, ideas, positions and opinions about beer. The time is ripe to take a look at the majority of the humans on the planet (female) and her relationship to the universal beverage of beer.

The best way to do this is to go straight to the source: women. Women Enjoying Beer is the company that does just this.

The input is astounding and profoundly simple all at the same time. Useful – yes. Applicable – yes. Important to your brands and business – yes

News today is that 3 more of the reports will soon be released for purchase. Buying these reports does way more than give you interesting reading. It’ll change the way you do business for the positive – it’ll increase your profits, improve your marketing abilities and savvy, increase the welcoming receptivity of women to your beer brands, and elevate equity and gender equality. Are those worthwhile to you?

While people may not think of this much gravity per women and beer, we do. We know it to be a truly worthy pursuit – to give voice to consumers who’ve not been invited to the conversation. And we want to help you learn, exercise, and promote full respect of all genders and their taste buds. Indeed, beer doesn’t care who’s drinking it and enjoying it and buying it. It simply wants to be savored.

Reports 2 through 4 will be available by October 1st, 2014. The first Report is available now – here’s the link.

  • Report #1: Why Do You Drink Beer? Available now
  • Report #2: Why Do You Like Beer? Available by 1 August 2014
  • Report #3: What Kinds Of Beers Do You Like? Available by 1 August 2014
  • Report #4: How Often Do You Drink Beer And What Helps Dictate That Pattern? Available by 1 August 2014

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