Over the last 7 to 12 years I’ve come to know many, many people within and related to the beer universe. The community of these people has been by and large invigorating and inspiring. They’ve helped me think, rethink, consider, laugh, let go, and learn. There are a few people whom I avoid, yet that number is low.

Hundreds of folks later, I want to simply thank some of them today. If you’re interested in knowing why, let’s talk about it over a beer.

In no particular order:

With the venerable & classy Kim Jordan, SAVOR 2015

With the venerable & classy Kim Jordan, SAVOR 2015

Julia Herz, Julie Johnson, Maureen Ogle, Kim Jordan, Sarah Watson, Krissy Zinski, Christine McKeever, Rhonda Kallman, Meagan Anderson, Tammy Tuck, Jill Redding, Kristi Switzer, Bernadette Wasdovich, Kellie Shevlin, Laura Lodge, Erika Reitz, Erin Rue, Nancy Johnson, Janet Fletcher, Erin O’Riley, Cyrena Nouzille, Sarah Johnson, Shannon McQuade-Ely, Julia Doll, Melinda Marks, Lisa Morrison, Lindsay Guerdrum, Rebecca Newman, Jenny van Wyk, Annie Pfriem, Rose Ann Finkel, Julie Wartell, Lisa Zimmer, Bernie Perryman, Emily Engdahl, Nicole Kasten, Chris Crabb, Alison Grayson, Stevie Caldarola, Olivia Cerio, Veronica Vega, Tonya Cornett, Lauren Salazar, Gayle Goschie, Leslie Henderson, Lucy Saunders, Meg Gill, Gina Schauland, Jennifer O’Connell, Megan Parisi, Sarah Barba, Tina Pachorek, Ashley Salvitti, Ashleigh Carter, Acacia Cooper, Jen Murphy, Ashley Guillaume, Kris McDowell, Geri Kustelski, Sandi Globus, Brandy Butts, Rebeca Dovali.

I know I have forgotten some at this writing – there are surely dozens more. It’d be one rockin’ party to get them all together for a celebration! I’ll work on that….

Thank you to them all. I appreciate and recognize that you’re helped inform my steps forward in me efforts to make a difference in the world.

Who do you look to and thank?

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