The classic (for a reason) children’s book, “I Can’t” said the ant by Polly Cameron is on my radar right now.

When I was moving furniture around a month ago to paint my floors, I unloaded our full book cases. In a former life I taught school and would often order books when my students could. Anyone else remember the thrill of getting the Scholastic order forms?? Anyway….

What I continue to love about this book and what makes me keep it is the inherently positive message it conveys.

Yes, you can!

Yes, you can!

Yes, the title has a negative. Can by it’s very nature is a word of choice – you can and you can’t; it’s up to you. It annoys the crap out of me when someone tells me they can’t do something. Baloney! It’s usually because you don’t want to, not that you literally cannot do whatever. I stay away from can’ters.

Here the ant thinks it can’t…yet all the ants friends and encounters tell it YOU CAN! It’s how I choose to look at the world every day, regardless of what’s going on. I can.

When I think of this book in context of beer (yes, I have a connection) I know that I can and will try any beer put in front of me. Home brew, professional beer, international – whatever. It’s because I know there are flavors and beers out there just waiting for me to enjoy. Discovery excites me.

To say ‘I can’t’ before I even sip and try is pessimistic and fatalistic. And certainly not how my taste buds choose to roll!

Say “I Can!” each and every time someone offers you a beer, no matter what kind it is. Seriously. If you back off because of an earlier experience that was negative – guess what: that’s not happening right now and you are different than you were, this is a new circumstance.

So try it. You may like it and find a new friend.

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