Vernacular – using plain, everyday, ordinary language – is important in developing new market share, in women for sure; and we’ll take a stab that the same holds true for men as well.

Do you know what all these words mean?

When you can describe your goods, products and services with every day language, you’re educating and developing new enthusiasts. And when you’re educating new enthusiasts, you’re building new customers. And then you’re building new customers you are building your brand: The effort you have put much blood, sweat, tears and cash into.

Every day vernacular is a bridge that spans the question “who’s going to buy my beer” question. A rather critical question, yes?

Know that using every day language is not talking down or up for that matter to anyone. When you use terminology that everyone can understand, then your brand can in fact stand out.

Jargon quickly cuts people off so don’t use it with every day consumers. For those who may not know a word or two, they may ask or more often than not they won’t. They don’t want to look stupid or unknowledgeable in front of others and you, the beer professional. When they don’t ask and your don’t offer you’re increasing their likelihood that they won’t return simply because you didn’t figure out ahead of time that every day words are what you need to use.

By all means bring up a word that may not be common – just make sure you define and explain it. Like a spelling bee, use it in a sentence and make sure the audience comprehends the new term. Using new words for people can be very satisfying for both parties: you the giver, are educating in a positive way; and the audience gets to add another word they can use in their pursuit of the beer experience with confidence.

Some beer terms that can usually use defining with consumers include: wort, craft, gravity, mouth feel, body, and ABV (stay away from acronyms as much as possible).

Education is truly the key to progress. For getting more women into beer, for continuing the education curve for everyone who may be interested in your brands, and for yourself. When you recognize that you don’t know it all (no one ever will either) then you set the stage for more success and growth.

And we can all drink to that.

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