What tools do you use in your beer business?

  • Are they all only actual items like wrenches, shovels, buckets, pipes and ingredients?
  • Do you include in those tools people, training, education, professional development, and evaluation?

p1030585If you do, you’re moving forward. If you don’t, you’re moving backwards, not just standing still.

No motion forward is like saying maybe…a maybe is a no. Staying ‘still’ is the same thing. You have to move to progress.

  1. Who is in charge of properly and professionally marketing your beers?
  2. Who’s in charge of the actual brew house?
  3. Who’s in charge of the number crunching?
  4. Who’s in charge of…well, I’ll assume you see the point.

Tools are not tools are not tools.

With proper implementation of tools, use and care of them, you’ll make forward motion – otherwise known as progress. If you don’t you’re only slipping backwards. Staying still will allow others to pass you by.

Let me know when I can help you move. Forward.

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