Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”Harry S. Truman

Fortunate are those who can read. And those of us who can, should make sure we do what we can to support and encourage literacy.

Here's one I want to read. What's on your reading list?

Here’s one I want to read. What’s on your reading list?

Education in the form of being literate is critically important.

My entire family, immediate and extended, are readers. Perhaps it goes alllll the way “back”, wherever back is, as to the importance or reasoning my family all reads. All familial affiliation aside, life would be less fulfilling without the ability to read, both from the educational side (having learned) and visual side (having eyesight). It’d be a lot more difficult too.

Appreciation for what was then Books On Tape (now Audio Books) was writ large when I had happily inherited a beloved blind grandma years ago.

If you want to lead in any kind of capacity, from your own self to really large groups of people, reading is one way to augment, enhance, and develop leadership skills.

What are you reading?

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