The Power Of the Customer Experience

This particular workshop session is designed for individuals & small groups (up to 6-8 per company) – a larger group session made of of lots of different businesses.

Here’s your opportunity to attend, refresh yourself and enjoy the company of other engaged, motivated, smart people who also understand the full value of the Customer Experience.

Call me or email me by Friday May 1st to reserve your seat.

Only $30/per person for some energizing professional continued development. ($25 if you pay in advance by May 1st)

  1. Details:
  2. Location: First National Bank, 405 5th Street, Ames, IA.
  3. Parking: Please park in the street (spaces are plentiful & meters are cheap) to respect  the use of the banks customer parking for First National’s banking customers.
  4. Wednesday May 6th, 9:30 am – 11:00 am. Please be prompt.
  5. RSVP’s needed: due by May 1st; this email address or call 515.450.7757

Thank you very much – Hope to see you the 6th!


The Power Of The Experience
is a participatory workshop offered by Snap!
about the Customer Experience through the vehicle of You

Dynamically Covering:

  1. Good Customer Experiences & Poor Customer Experiences
  2. Handling Less Than Ideal Customer Situations
  3. Applying Techniques & Best Practices
  4. The Effects of practicing Best Practices
  5. The Effects of Poor Practices
  6. Key phrases and words to avoid
  7. Specifics on how to handle Less Than Ideal People situations
  8. How to find or generate an answer to questions you may not have the answers for

Definitions Covered:

  1. Customer Service
  2. Customer Experience
  3. Types of Customers
  4. Adopting a Servant Mentality

If you want your dollars to really matter, this is no average workshop. Think of it as the anti-dry-and-boring-workshop workshop.

Just ask Matt Thompson, Dean of Student Services at Southwestern Community College . Snap! was in Creston, IA, home of SWCC early this spring & presented the workshop twice. By the next morning the college president had come by Matt’s office, stating she had heard so many great things about it that she wanted to already plan for the next workshop.

Can you afford not to stay in tune with the best customer experience you can offer?
Call me today to set up a time – let’s talk about it.

P.S. Sharing the cost with others makes your investment stretch even farther. Get a group together – with other businesses, service clubs, organizations, and groups.

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