I raise my pint to Bryce today.

Of course women like beer. Why wouldn’t they?

p1020526Of course women are to be marketed differently than men. You market differently to men than you do women, yes? And you market to kids differently than you market to adults. You market differently to …well, hopefully you’re getting (if you’ve not already gotten) the  picture. It’s a no brainer if you’re using your brain.

And of course, you have to start marketing to a segment – yes, it starts small – to see progress. Every segment starts small. Saying women is a small segment is a HUGE mistake – they’re 50.9% of the population. Last time I checked, that was a majority. Want a piece of that marketshare pie?

Like I stated in Boston at the CBC presentation: it’s about a business opportunity. It could be brunettes or people with dogs. It’s a market segment.

Treat it like any other market segment you’d go after. Authentically and accurately.

Bryce, the next beer’s on me. Thanks.

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