This week I’ll offer insights per specific focus group input.

Let me first say, by now I’ve conducted numerous focus groups, all women (men are next), age ranges from 21 – 80+. The majority of those who have attended focus groups so far have seemed to be in their 30’s to early 50’s. The data I collect is qualitative psycho graphic – meaning the information is based in how people

Focus Group Beer Samplers await

Focus Group Beer Samplers await

feel, what they value and so forth.

Beer is an emotional “thing.” It evokes strong feelings – both of enthusiasm and otherwise. Qualitative data WEB collects is reflective of how people, specifically women, react to beer and interact with it.

If you want numbers, I can give them to you as well. For now, I’ll use words such as majority, minority, most, fewer, etc.

Judith Langer, The Mirrored Window, sums it up well. Paraphrased she tells us qualitative information goes way beyond demographics, attitude and behaviors. It involves body language, voice variations, emotions. It’s about how people live, what they think, how they live, what they value.

Why Women Enjoying Beer?

  1. Because of the people involved in the beer industry. They are, almost without exception, engaged, progressive, thoughtful, fun, intelligent people. That makes me want to contribute to their further success.
  2. Because I am the poster child of who your market is (I was there 7 years ago) so I can speak to the journey of beer discovery and therefore am a good resource to help grow the female market share.
  3. Because the consumer angle needs attention. It needs to come right from the consumer, not from industry experts”, pure unadulterated information. The female consumer, at 50.9% of the population, will and does significantly impact beer sales.
  4. Because it’s about opportunity. Females able to enjoy beer and grow their knowledge and therefore their patronage, breweries to accurately and authentically develop that segment of the market. Gender is incidental in many ways – and still needs to be addressed.

So tune in this week, share it forward. There’s way more where this comes from.


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