I just spent an hour of time searching for various authors and writers on-line (are they one in the same? not sure…) The list of folks I pursued came page after page in the Best Food Writing 2013, Edited by the very capable Holly Hughes.

Why I invested an hour of my life in looking for people I’ve yet to meet was inspired by the book. I want to hear more of what they can share with me, help me learn , point me in different directions and in general make my world more.  Lots of the people I looked for are on twitter, so there I went. I don’t use Facebook nearly as much (rarely personally too) so that’s out. LinkedIn request feels stalkerish if I don’t know them. So bring on the twitter stream chatter…

The Best Food Writing series has been around for a number of years and I came across it on display at my local library. “What the heck”, I thought as I picked it up. I love to read and I love food. I’ve now read at least 5 of the collections.

Ms. Hughes chooses extremely well written essays and groups into various concepts which she, as the editor, organizes. Of course they’re well written – I imagine the plethora of food writing each year is enough to fill a few navy yards worth of pages!

The essays are thought-provoking, thoughtful, interesting, enlightening, educational, disturbing, fun, funny, serious and meaningful. I found when I read one of them – the essay on “what is local” – the whole argument of “craft beer” rang loudly in my mind. It’s exactly the same thing. Not one to spoil a great opportunity, I recommend you find the book and read it. Buy it, get it from your library – if they don’t have them request the series.

Concepts that are truly universal are flexible in what key words you can insert, i.e. instead of “local” insert “craft”.

I’ve had a mixed relationship with the word craft as it goes with beer for a long time. Part of it for me is that craft is a label and having had some public school teaching experience I found labels and titles are more damning and limiting than they’re helpful.

Read the book, read the essay. Tell me what you think.

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