number, numbers everywhere...

number, numbers everywhere...

Numbers and studies can be interpreted to mean exactly what you want them to.

That said…

Here’s an interesting study completed this summer by Gallup. I’d put more stock in this that the last study someone forwarded to me in a different magazine about beer drinking habits and beer drinkers.

While this study does not solely focus on beer, I believe it’s worth reading as it gives a rounded out picture on some fronts because it includes wine and liquor as well.

Read it for yourself and make your own decision.

This study was also interesting as it tackles what ‘moderate amount’ means. Worth considering and defining.

Education goes with beer quite well. Read up.

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  1. Andrea

    It’s interesting to finally see a study that compares the benefits of wine with beer. And I’m surprised to see the suggested amount per day is one drink for women and two for men. I was expecting to see ridiculously small suggested amounts, like 3 oz. haha Thanks for posting this.


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