How do you help people learn about what they love?

help people learn about beer

Do you offer education in formal and informal settings? People can learn and want to learn in casual settings, wherein a knowledgeable and well spoken person can share information about beer and the ingredients.

Women want to learn in a social setting, whether formal or informal. Social educational settings can be in the taproom, brewpub or brewery. It can be at an account where some great choices are poured from clean tap lines. It can take place at a distributors warehouse so they can see that part of the system.

Helping people – and especially women – learn about what they love is integral to building future solid market share. Education makes the world go round and is a big part of what makes a brewery successful.

Find out what they want to know and line up a series of Get To Know Your Beer sessions.

Whatever you do, do help people learn. The women especially (remember: no pandering or stereotyping). Assume they are all smart and savvy. Which they are, as are you. Go for it.

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