Three Universal Truths with women and their relationship with beer:

1. Education. Women want to learn about beer. Beer Education can be obvious like developing an ongoing “Beer 101”, “Get to know your beer”, or “Beer Basics” for women only. Holding women’s only classes are a smart choice since many women feel much more comfortable learning among the same sex. It’s true that same gender groups do in fact learn differently and sometimes better because there is no sexual tension of any sort. And even though many women and men say they are still going to totally be themselves in mixed groups, it’s highly unlikely that they will in fact be as freely participative than if they were in single gender groups. Like it or not, mixed gender groups create a totally different dynamic than single gender only groups. Frame it like any other affinity group: invite only those who are high likelihood targets and leave the others alone.

photo courtesy Kate Parks

2. Social. Beer is a social libation and women want an element of social interaction in relation to beer. Some women like to sit back and observe or be a more quietly engaged participant. Some women like to be in the center of the action. Either way and everywhere in between those two ends of the spectrum, know that a social component is important in engaging women in their learning and enjoyment of beer.

3. Value. Women want a solid value, be it spending $20+ on a dinner table bottle of special beer or two bucks for a PBR. Value ultimately lies in the experiential circumstances and context of the occasion, however formal or casual. Value is also one of the strong memory ties that bind and encourages either a repeat or “don’t do this again” experience for the consumer and the brand or style. When women have had a good time with a beer, they will for sure remember it and not only recommend it – they’ll want to duplicate the experience and share it with others.

Know these Three Universal Truths for Women + Beer to now be self evident.

Tomorrow – Part 2: Know Your Market

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5 Responses to “Marketing Beer to Women, Part 1: Three Universal Truths”

  1. Dina

    >>It’s true that same gender groups do in fact learn differently and sometimes better because there is no sexual tension of any sort.>>

    So, uh, lesbians and bisexual women drink beer too.

    • Ginger Johnson

      Yes, of course. That’s not the point here, Dina. Thanks all the same. g

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