Yesterday we launched what will surely be a long series about Marketing Beer To Women. Yes, it’s different than marketing to ‘everyone’ or marketing to men. You don’t market tampons to men and you don’t market elder care to teenagers. While beer is universal, marketing is not.

Today’s topic is Knowing Your Market. Marketing isn’t a difficult concept to understand, yet you do in fact need to understand it to market effectively. Marketing is marketing. Marketing ISN’T advertising, sales or anything else. Just as brewing isn’t distributing or reselling beer.

Know Your Market

One of the resources that helped me understand that marketing isn’t advertising is Sam’s book, Brewing Up A Business. I’d highly recommend this read. Sam is straight forward and on target.

Another primary resource I’d absolutely recommend reading, if not require for all marketers, is Marti Barletta’s Marketing to Women. Anyone selling anything that does not yet understand that women make 80% of all purchasing decisions across category lines needs to get up to speed.

Here are some of WEB’s research based guidelines for you to follow in marketing beer to women:


  • If you don’t know your market, get to know it First – THEN market to it
  • All this applies to both genders
  • Assume nothing
  • It’s an equal and different playing field
  • No sexism is ever necessary or appropriate (any -ism for that matter)

Market research to me used to be an “out there” term. Now I totally understand it and can help any business, particularly the beer community, in properly marketing to women based in research.

Let me put it another way, if you’re not researching your market before opening your doors, you’re setting yourself up to go backwards. Building it assuming they will come is naive and short sighted. And it’s not only disrespectful to the market you think you’re trying to encourage, it could be fatal.

Set yourself up for success: Know Your Market. Market research does just that.

Tomorrow – Part 3: General Guidelines to help you Market Beer To Women

Yesterday – Part 1: Three Universal Truths

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