Little can be generalized in our world. Everyone has different goals, tastes and methods. That said, there are generalities for marketing beer to women that you need to consider.

Generalities based on WEB’s ongoing market research of women and their relationship with beer:

  • “Women want to feel good about their drinking”(actual quote) – make every effort to do just that authentically
  • Be authentic [your brand and the people involved in it]
  • Be transparent [same as above]
  • Be genuine in your enthusiasm to capture them as patrons
  • Relevancy to their lives is very important
  • Pay attention to details (real cream vs. creamer for example)
  • Encourage females to become interested in home brewing

Generalities can serve a purpose when the vast majority of one market segment agrees. In this case, the above fits that bill.

Make sure that if you see the enormous value of authentically and transparently attracting women to your beer brand/s, your generalities are aligned with what they want.

Always remember: it’s about women beer consumers, not you.

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