Are you top of mind? As a brewery, beer business or even consumer? How do you stay top of mind?

The post today is inspired by the fact that my hands are busy with pen and paper. Actually today is one of a few days that I’m spending on follow up and follow through per last week’s Craft Brewers Conference.

It’s important to let people know you appreciated their time, energy and attention. Hard copy mail gets people’s attention – and I can tell you, based on women’s research around beer, women like hard copy mail when appropriate and not spam (or too often or ….)

It’s a fabulous complement to all the (sometimes very) impersonal online communications. I’m saying: Use Both. Online and offline combine sweetly to share your message, encourage patronage and in general let people know you value them as customers.

There are guiding principals to follow when communicating with women, in any format. Do you know how to get that information – the info that will direct you to successful communication with women? Figure it out, or have someone like WEB help you if needed, and reap more top of mind share.

Now, if you’ll excuse, back to pen and paper I go.

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