Here are more insights on how to sell more of your tasty craft brewed beer to women.

1. Samplers. Offering samplers or flights of your beers is a great way to educate in a very fun and high value way. Providing a sampler with at least 4 – 5 beers, small pours of 3 to 4 ounces each (MAX!) is an effective approach to helping educate your female consumers.

Offering samplers is smart and good business

2. Brewer Visits. Have the brewer available and around during set times, either regularly or sporadically for patrons to talk with. More importantly make sure the brewer is comfortable and well trained in how to talk to female patrons about their beers. Being confident with the knowledge and being able to talk to every day consumers is an important part of the experience to have in the bag.

3. Food. Offering matching foods, no gut bombs or deep fried everything. It doesn’t match the passion you put into your beer. Offer thoughtful smackerels or a full on menu; just offer something to eat that complements that fabulous beer.

4. Educate. Educating consumers is one of the single most effective and long lasting ways to garner new market share and keep the existing patrons happy and engaged. Educate in a respectful and consistent manner. Make sure your staff know how to describe the beers using everyday flavor descriptions to entice and invite. Ditch the industry jargon and go for universally understandable vocabulary.

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