There are umpteen beer festivals every year. And each of them is deserving in their own place, context, reason & season. Many are fundraisers – like the one I just

Enthusiasts at the 2008 GABF

Enthusiasts at the 2008 GABF

attended in Stillwater MN (Ala Rotary). All are great opportunities.

The Great American Beer Festival is one of my personal favorites. Why?

Well, I first went with my boyfriend to the 2003 festival. It was a HUGE eye opener. I had started dating him several months before, he’s a professional brewer so it was a very fun, slightly overwhelming indoctrination of beer. Wow.

Since then, I have attended just about every year, with my Husband (aforementioned boyfriend) and friends. Every time it’s fun, educational, and a terrific place to people watch. The souvenir tasting glasses you receive when you attend are a great reminder when you’re back home, thinking about good beers.

I’d encourage you to attend a variety of festivals this year. The people who put them on are in earnest, the brewers who attend (usually donate their beers) are eager to tell you more about them, and you’ll meet some great folks. Who you’ll most likely see at another festival again.

So if you go, look me up – we’ll enjoy a good beer together. (I’ll also be at the PBS meeting.)


p.s. LOVE the Madison WI festival too…then there’s…

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