ROL: Return on Learning

There are gobs of acronyms – an infinite variety available worldwide. ROI, CRM, RFP, B2B, B2C, EBITDA, TQM, P&L….and the list goes on. I dare say it’d be more accurate to call them acornums, since talking with them and listening to others talk about them sometimes makes my mind go num.

All that aside, ROL is a newer one to me, shared by my wise and insightful frolleague, Mike. He’s one of those generous sorts who has freely given of his time and brain the entire time we’ve known each other. My ROL from him is sky-high! And what he’s helped me learn continues to have positive residual effects.

In return, pun intended, I try my best to give a ROL to him. The givers gain only works when all involved parties are invested in the joy and altruism of the gain by giving and therefore the cycle is perpetuated. Giving to takers doesn’t work.

Books = one way to amp up your ROL

Books = one way to amp up your ROL

How does this relate to WEB, you may (or may not) be asking?

ROL is in everything we do. Return on education from the distributor to the retailer, from the brewer to the distributor, from the retailer to the consumer, from consumer to brewery…..and every other possible combination will both allow a reaping of rewards and a receiving of enlightenment.

Return On Learning starts with you and me. What do I have that I can share with you to help you learn? What do you have that you can give me to help me learn?

I’m a firm believer that education and learning changes the world. Love and money come and go. Education is forever.

ROL. When it’s working right, it’s the best merry-go-round around.

p.s. Here’s a funny list of, well, funny slightly ridiculous acronyms

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