What is it you want to save in your beer business? Time, Money, Resources or all of the above and how do they relate to women and beer?


If it’s time you’re looking to save, here are a few things to keep in mind. A lot of women feel time crunched. They remain the predominant care givers, keepers of the home, work, volunteer, and otherwise spread themselves thin. The success then in marketing your beer to women in relation to time is to realize this and then accommodate. Make purchasing easy and quick, efficient and simple. Tips: Make sure labels, graphics, signs and other reading materials are not squinting materials. You can use well designed materials as long as they are also readable and quickly understandable (no industry mumbo jumbo jargon).


If it’s money, let us tell you that the vast majority of women, while certainly aware of what things cost and prices, will invest their dollars into what they find value in. So make sure your brand is ‘worth it’ – consistently high quality, accessible and available (easy to find), and satisfying. Yes, budgets factor in. So does flexibility and the mental trading out that we all do in justification if and when they want to and can.  I.e. – instead of a 6 pack of something entirely new, a 12 pack case of one they already like may catch their eye if done right. Spending double in some cases to get what they want and know they already like or feel safe buying is the mental gymnastics part.


If it’s resources, make sure your company is saving these things internally first. Meaning – women like to know that companies are responsible environmentally, fiscally and socially. Saving – or more accurately using resources most efficiently – is a big part of purchasing and will only increase with the way the planet is changing (thanks to all of us). Change with it, making sure you are aware that responsible practices related to resources matters to women. Communicating practices that are resource savvy will resonate with women and they will act on this info.

You can have it all simply by putting forethought and regular action into your plans and daily to do list. They can be short efforts and discussions taking 5 – 10 minutes, and they can be bigger investments to discuss and decide upon.

Just know that women are paying attention to what you save and what you spend. This knowledge affects their purchasing decisions – from buying a beer at the brewery or taproom to deciding at the retailers to what beer they pickup at a gathering. It happens within all three tiers.

Be aware that you know they know. Got it?

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