p1040808Thanks to Julia for yet more good news. Here’s info per a recent press release from the Brewers Association.

*In a year when other brewers saw a slowdown in sales, small and independent craft brewers saw sales dollars increase 10.3 percent and volume increase 7.2 percent over 2008.
*The sales increase represents a growth of 613,992 barrels, equal to roughly 8.5 million cases.
*In 2009, craft brewers represented 4.3 percent of volume and 6.9 percent of retail dollars for the total U.S. beer category.
*Actual dollar sales figure from craft brewers in 2009 was $7 billion, up from $6.3 billion in 2008.
*The total number of U.S. craft brewers grew from 1,485 to 1,542 in 2009.
*Craft brewers produced 9,115,635 barrels, up from 8,501,713 barrels in 2008.
*Overall U.S. beer sales fell from approximately 210.4 million barrels to 205.8 million barrel (down approximately 5 million barrels) in 2009.
*The total U.S. beer industry, in 2009, had an estimated retail dollar value of $101 billion.

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