Actually, it’s the whole reason for the fest to begin with. To recognize and raise awareness, conservation and responsibility around water. I think it’s a perfect fit since beer is 95% + water in its make up.

We’re very glad to be part of this festival again this year, which happens Saturday October 20th. Save the date and plan to be in lovely Roseburg, Oregon for the festival that day. Come join us at the stage for Beer EduTainment as well at 3:15 in the Brew Shed.

I invite you check out their site for good reading, helpful if not disturbing information about water in the world, and get full fest details.

Suffice it to say today that if you enjoy beer, we must all be aware and take action to conserve water. Here are a few things I do each day to consider doing yourself, all for the Planet:

1. Capture all liquids you’re not using in the kitchen – pasta waters, any water used to steam or boil food, and rinse waters (put a bucket or pan underneath to catch it). Use this wonderful nutritionally enhanced ‘water’ to feed and hydrate plants of all sorts; compost it if nothing else. For flavored water i.e. veggies, it’s terrific soup starter and stock to use in cooking.

2. If it takes more than 5 seconds to get hot water for your shower, bath and sinks, capture that with a simple pitcher or bucket. We do this since it takes about a minute to get hot water for the shower. It’s incredible and a good lesson haw much water we thoughtlessly send down the drain while “waiting” for what we want. Be conservative, not wasteful. Use this water to flush toilets, hydrate gardens and water plants.

3. Turn off and remove irrigation and switch to rain capturement. It’s easy to start, economical and it’s better than not doing anything. Place simple handled buckets at the end of downspouts, redirect downspouts to collect rain in barrels, and make sure you only have native plants that can handle low moisture environments.

4. Reduce first. Think before you turn on the ‘drink’. Intelligent reduction coupled with thoughtful use and reuse is the key here.

Cheers to clean water – may we help improve the planet instead of drinking it dry.

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