Sarah at the hives early this spring

This month we varied a theme and featured meads as our beverage exploration. We did this for a few reasons:

1. I’ve recently had the pleasure to meet and be getting to know a bee specialist, Sarah – She’s passionate about bees, beekeeping, and helping others see the extraordinary wonder and function of bees in our world. Sarah’s a fun and interesting guest presenter. Plus she can help anyone with bee questions since she’s also a consultant.

2. Meads are also fermented beverages, single ingredient (usually) from honey. When you talk about flavors and choices, mead can be another one to bring up – especially for gluten-free palates.

3. We met at a lovely florist shop, Enchanted Florist, that buys organic flowers from a local organic flower grower. Each guest received a small pollinator plant with their entrance this time to further endorse how critical bees are to our lives.

Education involves shining the light on a wide range of direct and related topics to beer. Here’s the menu we enjoyed as well.

  1. Blue cheese drizzled with honey on crackers with Mountain Meadows Sierra Nectar Wildflower Natural Honeywine (another name for mead)
  2. Jalapeno Honey Mustard Slaw with Mountain Meadows Honeymoon Nectar Sweet Mead
  3. Mead Cocktail: SSBC Stout & Honeyrun Proprietors Reserve Blackberry Honeywine = “Black Forest Cake” ala Redstone Meadery

The buzz is all about flavor and being educated on how much bees bring to life.

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