It has recently come to my attention that we need to do way more in helping everyone, specifically the brewing community, understand what Women Enjoying Beer is about. My thanks to those in the beer community who are asking these questions for clarification.

First and foremost: Women Enjoying Beer is a business. We are not a club, a causal enterprise or a hobby. We are professionals specializing in marketing beer to women consumers.

I believe part of the non-understanding is that WEB has no other businesses doing just this – so there’s no comparison out there. Fair enough. We’ll try to provide a lot more education of how we can help grow the craft/beer community. And we always welcome callers and emails with questions.

Helping women enjoy beer

Here’s an excerpt from a conversation with a brewer/owner who is interested in finding out how WEB can help his brand grow. I hope this helps.

If you choose to use my services to help you build a stronger and increased female market share, know you get the singular information that Women Enjoying Beer has been collecting for 2+ years, expressly focused on women and their relationship with beer. It’s market information that no one else anywhere has been pursuing and offers totally unique insight due to the research and information therein. Think of me as a contractor, like you stated – on a project basis. This contractor in WEB needs or desires no WEB billing, it’s under your brand to engage more women in your brand.

The information from research, events and so forth can all be applied to augment your efforts.  Know that developing newer market share is also a long term investment, just as you would need to do if you opened a brand new brewery. It takes time and dedicated effort and it will pay off for those in it for the long range success. Women comprise 50.7 -9% of the human population. In my humble opinion, to neglect to do anything with that potential is enormous opportunity lost and disrespectful to the fact that women still directly and indirectly make 80% of purchasing decisions.

It would be my pleasure to work with you and for your brand to enhance, augment and further develop the ‘good’ things you already have in place; improving them over time. Marketing and PR are sometimes difficult to tangibly measure and it can be frustrating. I simply know through experience that time does tell and market share does develop. When you stick to it, have realistic expectations, patience and diligence, it happens.

Lending the knowledge of WEB to your brand per online content (variety of ways) will couple this singular knowledge you can use and have full access to through me with the tools you already have in place.

I hope this helps with some clarity and only want to go forward with you if this is something that makes dollars and sense to you. I totally believe in the power of engagement women in the beer conversation and have seen it first hand and I am determined to help women be heard, respected and included – they want to. People like yourself can be part of that sea change.

Yes, a closer, more “local” ghost write can do good work. I’d ask you to consider the following: Do they know the specifics of women and beer? With your brand in so many states (or even one), how important is physical locality to the progress of your brand?  Will they be as beer and women passionate as WEB? Obviously it’s your choice.

Thanks for the opportunity to answer your concerns, keep them coming – and share a bit more of my philosophy. I’m in if you are.

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