If you choose to market to women, then you should dedicate the effort and resources that would be necessary to pursue any other market segment (because this is what it is).

How big of a piece of the female market share do you want?

It’s not a novelty or niche. Women make up at least half of the global population. They also continue to influence, directly and indirectly, an overwhelming majority of purchases. If you want some of that market, or more of it, pay attention and dedicate the proper resources to capturing it.

It won’t happen by itself. You have to be proactive. Every market is small before it grows so know that it will be well worth any investment a beer oriented business makes.

Like Brett Joyce said at the recent NBWA convention where WEB also presented, have a marketing specialist to do your marketing. They aren’t PR or sales or anything else. Focus, plan, execute, analyze, adapt and progress. Rinse and repeat.

Just make sure you do it right (see the rest of the series so far for more how to – linked out below).

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