Let your nose be your guide.

What does your business smell like? Is it inviting? Does it smell like what people expect, like a bakery smells like freshly baking bread? Does it stink like sanitizer or bleach?

Aroma is so very noticeable and important in building business. All business – for profit to non-profits, all classifications and types.

Smell’s important because it is one of our strongest sensory indicators of memories we hold with particular aromas, smells and odors. It’s also a part of your brand. Have you ever thought about that?

Smell your places & spaces

Smell your places & spaces

Once upon a time I worked in a bread store. One that mixed and made fresh bread from scratch every day, no bromate in the flour, no day-old sold (all donated if remaining). Getting to work was a pure olfactory joy! And my clothes, though they certainly smelled like work when I left, were always pleasantly odoriferous.

Try this: Recruit a few volunteers and give them a guide, put them in pairs. Blindfold one, have the other safely and carefully lead the sightless person into carious areas of your operation and have them tell you what they think they smell. It’s best to have people unfamiliar with what you think spaces are supposed to smell like. Don’t let the guides prompt the blindfolded either – this needs to be visceral and honest.

Be sure to smell all areas of your operations. Inside, outside, doorways, bathrooms, parking lots, patios….aromas linger everywhere.

Finding out what your space smells like is a wise exercise, can be lots of fun and it’ll keep you up to date on what your place smells like. By the way, it’s important for internal and external customers alike.

Afterall, if someone has to spend their days inhaling the air, it should be fitting to the place (and safe as well).

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