Is this you?

Is this you?

David Edgar put a post on the BA Forum recently. It was pertaining to service and he referenced Women Enjoying Beer.

“The industry is 2/3 brewpubs and I know that if they can’t deliver on basic service, it doesn’t matter how amazing the beers are.  Good luck and keep up the good work.”

He gets it.

It’s about opportunity, dedication and really being in tune with what makes it all tick. It’s about starting right, not cutting any corners, paying attention.

Every business is in the customer business. With internal and external customers. I could name several breweries that really have it nailed. There are several that need to improve – everything from service to cleanliness to how they answer the phone to realizing that passion for beer simply is not a complete picture of running a sound operation.

And if you have the passion for the beer, then find others that have passion or at least enthusiasm and competency for numbers, for QAQC, for dealing with customers. For all the areas that are not the beer and are still essential to successful beer business.

Any less is an affront to your blessed beer.

Back to basics, folks.

And I will do my best to keep it up, David. Thanks.

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