In one of his recent editorials in the Institute of Brewing and Distilling magazine, the topic was Training and Qualifications: Always A Good Investment.

“In the area of technical jobs, Germany’s dual system of training has proved very effective. During their three-year apprenticeship with a company young people also attend a vocational school where they can learn the necessary theoretical framework.

P1100207In the existing system, technical colleges, which provide practical and application-oriented training, and the more academic universities complement each other excellently in theory and practice.”

Partnering the two – practical and academic – is critical for success. You’ll never learn everything you need to know to get by in the actual world by learning only in a formal class room or similar setting. And we’ll never get the necessary academic side of life if we never darken learning situations, whatever they may look like today. The real world is just that: real. And needs to be touched, smelt, felt, dealt with and learned in.

“Naturally a lot of investment is called for when developing and expanding a comprehensive and socially open educational system like this but what better way for modern, forward-looking societies to invest their resources than in educating the next generation.”

Prost to that.

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