One of the people I look up and read about is Sheryl Sandberg, of Facebook.

It’s not because she works at Facebook. That’s irrelevant, although it may make her more of a public figure.

I seek her out as she has a clear passion that she can communicate forward and intrigues me with the way she looks at the world, what she shares and some of her vision. She’s inspiring, realistic, thoughtful, direct, and sharp. Watch this.

She’s the one who stated the afore mentioned title “Sharing’s Exploding.” She’s right of course. Just look around at the technology and socialization of media in all forms. Like she states, “It’s easier to fish where the fish are” (read: know your market)

Sharing allows businesses to connect with customers, and customers to connect with the businesses they’re curious about. It’s marketing at its truest. People investigate choices before engaging.

Social media has always been around. We’ve simply given it a name and have labeled certain practices as ‘social media’: twitter, Facebook, websites, blogs, and the like.

The telegraph, the telephone and front stoop have long been tools for engaging socially.

Do you know what you’re sharing, do you know what you need to share and what can stay private? Do you have help in looking at a plan to best execute and maintain your avenues of sharedom? Do you know what women want to know, how they want to get that information, and what they don’t want?

Talk to the women you encounter about their relationship with beer. We specialize in the research of women and beer. If you care about her and your success in the future, call us. We can help in a big way.

I’m looking forward to meeting Sheryl. Beers on me. I have a feeling we’d get along swimmingly. (It might be a good luck sign that we’re exactly 1 day and 1 year apart in age…)

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