Here’s to just one of the many hosts on our trip that we met when we pulled the van up to her home.

Host Sharon in Georgia - cheers friend!

Host Sharon in Georgia - cheers friend!

She had been online one day, found WEB, and proceeded to reach out and offer her home as a place to stay on the tour. A fun email conversation ensured and voila! She welcomed us into her home – sight unseen – with open arms (literally).

And you know what? It was as if we’d all known each other for a while. Beer brings people together in a variety of ways.

She told us her friends were shocked that she’d invite total strangers into her home. *gasp!*

Like Sharon said though, for all we knew she could be the axe murderer (not the other way around). Good point.

So heartfelt thanks to Sharon, Claire, Mark & Leslie, Rebecca, Julie, and all the rest who have opened their doors to us. It’s indicative of the quality of people that are involved with beer.

Once we land our door is wide open for all of you – even if we have yet to meet.

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