I’d be remiss if I neglected to thank Marti Barletta before the month was over. She’s been supportive and receptive and helpful. Marti is THEE one I go to for learning more about marketing to women.

Allow me to expound.

Marti’s book, Marketing To Women, was one of the first books I bought when I launched Women Enjoying Beer. It was fascinating, eye-opening and affirming all at once. I was no longer a lone voice in the woods – although there are still too few people who seriously even begin to understand the value, sustainability and loyal customers women can be. And the beer community at large is still in need of knowing – hence, why we keep forging ahead.

I was grateful to ‘find’ someone else in this forest of specializing in marketing to women.

Her second book, Prime Time Women, is equally helpful and “YES!” style.  In it, she talks very clearly and plainly about the fact that women in their prime time years are one of the markets for any marketer and hence business to pursue.

You can find her books here – and I recommend you buy them. I rarely give so strong of an endorsement. Marti’s due that, with a vigorous nod.

Today I want to thank her sincerely. Keep it up, Marti! Can’t wait to enjoy a beer with you again.

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