The Honda Odyssey was aptly named

The Honda Odyssey was aptly named

Here’s a shot of the odometer as we parked the car at our final destination of the Home Free Tour, a friends home in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Overall we put on over 15,000 miles.

It’s been an absolutely remarkable trip, to understate it. More soon on all sorts of beer facets as well as other observations, lessons, and thoughts to the last 3+ months of life as we knew it on the road.

I’d ask you to bear with me for the rest of this week. We’re in the last throes of moving across the country to Ashland Oregon so will be loading the truck today, and will be driving, yet again, across the country to settle in later in the weekend.

Keep tuning in, spreading the word and staying in touch. All spread and comments are day makers so keep them coming.

My humble thanks – have a safe and tasty week.

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