Connection on the road:

Driving to April’s, stopped at a stoplight. Car in left lane to us looks over, I smile nicely, he rolls down his window (my husband’s sitting there too – no wierdo he).

Man: “What’s that (points to sign on outside of the traveling van) all about?”

Ginger: “It’s about developing and serving the female beer drinker.”

Man: “What’s the website address?”

Ginger: “ I’ll be here for a few days.”

Man: ” And what’s your name?”

Ginger: “Ginger – thanks!

Man: “Thanks!” (light turns green we both drive away)

One thing I find powerful about beer is that most people want to talk about it. That’s tremendous especially since there are a lot of myths to bust, minds to stretch and education to impart.

Thanks to the friendly man in Kirkland (in the fawn Audi station wagon) for speaking up.

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