Today’s topic hits home, particularly: Having an up to date website.

Forgive our recent silence as we were going through this very thing (and still finishing up on all parts of the site).

It’d been a while coming for us to take care of a few internal site workings so late last week we got to it. And it’s one arena of business and life I feel unsure of. We all want and ‘need’ to have the online part of life. However, when it’s not quite right and you’re in the middle of something that may be impeded due to updates and maintenance, well – it’s hard to be patient.

And patient we must be.

And there are many talented people available to hire to help you – ask around for a few recommendations. Even if you’re unsure like me, finding the right person to help is key. Here’s one excellent choice.

Make it easy for people to find you

A successful online presence is important, ne – critical, to some this day in age. It’s the yellow pages of days past and if you want to be findable for your customers, you must be online. Somehow and in some way.

Keep in mind that while you may own, run and operate the site, websites and all forms of online media are about the customer. The person who is engaging in the conversation. They need to be able to find you, dig around, make choices and have the info at their fingertips to either support you or find what they need elsewhere.

Having spoken at the NBWA convention again this year on women, craft beer buyers and social media, I have found the feedback on the realization that a website is the first step to be very encouraging. Many distributors in particular and really small breweries don’t have sites. GASP! Get yourself a simple info based, nicely designed site up no later than when you open your doors (however virtual or brick and mortar you may be).

An up to date website is a key part of doing business today. And most likely will be for the foreseeable future. Keep it up to date, make it simple, and get the info out there for your waiting customer.

Tip: Schedule time every month to review at least one of your pages, if you don’t already have the right dedicated person to keep it up to date daily.


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