“I took it to heart what you said today. ‘What is the one thing I am going to do today?’  I came home and organized a group, came up with dates and contacted members of an [philanthropic] group I had been put in charge of.  (without being asked if i would be in charge of it ) I had been putting that on ‘the back burner,’ so now I am relieved. Everyday I would mark off all these things on my to do list and move that one  eventually to the next days list. Thank you for your wisdom.”

Take action. Make things move.

Take action. Make things move.

The above is an example of someone acting on professional advice from us. I presented an idea at a business event, all of 30 seconds in front of 50+ people. This person took and ran with it.

Progress favors the active. Call us for plenty of helpful, useful, and proactive ideas.

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