Smart, thoughtful, and effective marketing means hitting the right person in the right place at the right time. It’s a Marketing Sweet Spot. And a spot that all businesses, of all structures must heed (for profit and non profit alike).

So how do you figure out:

  • The Right Person
  • The Right Time
  • The Right Place
Are you at the Right Place, at the Right Time, in front of the Right People?

Are you in front of the Right Person, at the Right Time, in the Right Place?

Contrary to popular thinking (among those who’ve not done some investigation) market research is an incredible value and won’t break any banks. Indeed, it’s way more business savvy to do it on the front end BEFORE you go very far with your business plans and development. If you wait until you’re “open” it’s too late.

1. Part of finding the Right Person means answering the question: Who do I want to get my brand in front of? Why are they the right person? What can they do for the brand development and success?

2. Part of finding the Right Time means knowing #1 immediately above. Once you have solid answers to who they are, then find out what times are the best ones to reach them. best here means when are they mostly and most likely to be receptive and paying attention and responding to your brand invitations?

3. Part of finding the Right Place means you know both #1 and #2 immediately above and building on those answers. Now’s the time to ask: Where will these brand supporters and engagers be and when?

These insights can help you move forward. Again, doing them before you open your business, getting insight to these three very simple and straight forward queries are critical to success – for you and for them.

There’s certainly more to it so when you’re ready, we’re available to talk with you. Contact us here. Here’s a good resource article as well.

Cheers to doing the Right Thing.

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