Women and Beer Facet #13 is No Color Needed (or wanted).

Beer is beer. Beer is not pink, it’s not baby blue, or any other color.

And it’s not about marketing a beer expressly made for women to women. That’s tooooootally off base and complete bunk. Here are a couple doozies that stink (1 and 2).

We had yet another contact by a student involved in a group marketing project. This group chose to market beer to women.

Right off the bat I told them: Beer isn’t about gender. And marketing is about knowing your market. One facet of this that came up in our conversation was the color issue. No pinkification – it’s insulting, totally misguided and usually is quite a pandering move by the driving company. Unless you’re Barbie, Victoria’s Secret or Susan G. Komen, or you’re doing an authentic collaboration with the aforementioned, leave the pink alone.

Beer is about flavor, not color. In one way, it’s that simple.

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