When’s the last time you said to yourself, “Self, today I’m going to write down all the reasons/catergories of/for X.”

Just like I stated (and started)  at the opening of my presentation at the recently passed Craft Brewers Conference on developing & serving the female craft beer enthusiast, I did and continue to categorize. And we’re up to 31 categories and counting, folks.

Jody & I enjoying beer outside at Bridger Bowl

Jody & I enjoying beer outside at Bridger Bowl

Thirty one. Whoa.

A category that women consider when interacting, partaking, participating, and enjoying beer can be a wide one or a narrow one. Regardless, we have 31 so far.

This goes back to my ever present hammering of Know Your Market. You have to ask Why when you ask for an opinion. It can go something like this.

  • Q “When do you drink beer?”
  • A “At dinner/Lunch/the park/etc.”
  • Q “Why then/there?”
  • A “Because I like beer with my evening meal/because a refreshing session style beer  in the middle of the day is an affordable treat I enjoy/because I enjoy drinking out of doors/etc.”

The Why will tell you waaaaaay more information that you can apply than simply asking the question. In fact if you don’t ask the Why, then you’re wasting everyone’s time.

Ask. then ask Why.

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