It’s time to give lager is full respect – so today’s L is for Lager.

Lager (German: storage) is a type of beer that is fermented and conditioned at low temperatures

It’s fascinating to me in the course of our research to hear so many disparaging comments about “lagers”. Why is this?

Lovely Lagers – so delicious and sometimes under appreciated

Some people are basing modern beers on faded, old, mythical and inaccurate memories that involved a lager style beer. Some people have opted to adopt a reverse snobbery in America for lagers. In our research, there are many reasons which we see, hear and record for these bias. There are prejudices, grudges, and other human emotions that cloud what can truly be.

And while that is very human, it’s also very human to take control and change your mind by educating yourself before making any sort of decision.

Like people commiserating on a sporting event that happened years ago (please -NO!!!). Rehashing the past doesn’t push anything forward and it gets really old to listen to, really fast. Get over it and move on. There are thousands of beers and foods waiting to be enjoyed, savored, sampled, and shared.

Relating modern-day variety and quality to the time you got sick from a kegger in high school or college is so grossly unfair to the beer and the brewer! Plus it’s selectively closed-minded. Would you want people to judge your clothing taste based on you running around in diapers at 2??

For those who conceitedly state “I only like ales” I feel truly sorry for you. You’ve just closed yourself off to flavors, quality and opportunity to keep exploring the wonderful world of beer.

For those that embrace lagers and ales, cheers to you! Preference and quality are two different things. A memory of something – anything – that had a negative outcome or connotation is an ignorant way to move forward in life.

Lagers are exceptional in the fact that they have such gorgeous refreshing profiles that you have to be a very accomplished brewer to make them; flaws have nothing to hide behind these delicate and amazing beers.

I’ll ring in the new year with a lager…or an ale… No matter. It’ll be paired with foods and to me all beer is worth celebrating.

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