Hint: What Prohibits you from enjoying your beer??

The Letter P brings us to that ‘Noble Experiment’ in the USA known as Prohibition. Woof – and what a doozy it was!

If you’ve never read up or thought about the era of Prohibition in the United States of America, it’s a good day to do. When the Ken Burns and Lynn Novick film premiered on PBS a few years ago, I learned volumes on what it was actually about, how everyone was affected, and how it changed our entire nation.


SOPTV & Prohibition Film event

Suffice it to say everyone needs to educate themselves on this part of American herstory. So many facets of life were working towards, against, and every other possible way either for or against the legalization of alcohol.

I learned a great deal by partnering with my local public television station in hosting a series of events that utilized this great film and its pending release with fundraising efforts. It’s something I’m truly proud to have been involved with and still embrace talking about.

The absolute prohibition of any one thing – alcohol and food included – will always lead to other absolutes. The world is grey, very rarely black and white, and absolutes put into place and either enforced or totally discounted will have far-reaching and unpredictable outcomes.

For now, only prohibit yourself from being a snob of any variety and keep learning. Keep sharing that knowledge forward to everyone’s benefit.

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