Recent email conversation:

Thanks for the email! I appreciate your comment regarding women. In fact, our name comes from an often-quoted Egyptian proverb which reads “The mouth of the perfectly happy man is filled with beer.” For us, the reference to “man” is gender neutral. We have a huge affinity for the women of craft beer and have many, many female fans and colleagues, including some of the ladies from The Women of Craft Beer. We would like to have more women contributors to our site.
Our site is definitely not just for men 🙂 … it’s for anyone who loves craft beer.”

WEB’s research based reply:

“Hi so and so –
Appreciate the conversation.
Obviously you do what you want/choose to – it’s all well and good that it’s an ‘old saying – nonetheless, it’s exclusive; just as if the saying were “perfectly happy woman”. I can tell you (free insight) that to women, ‘men’ is not gender neutral this day and age, regardless of what you intend it to be. Ultimately it’s up to the consumer( not us) to decide what’s acceptable. WEB is a consumer research driven company hence a rethinking for many is in order to really attract and get to women via beer. Do with it what you wish.
I’d invite you to visit our site at your convenience to learn more about WEB and how we may be at your service.
Best to you – if you’ll be at GABF, please feel free to come by our booth. It’d be a treat to meet.
Cheers –

Yes, Houston, the beer community still has a big problem. Are you part of the problem (however unintended) or the solution?

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