Larry with 3 desserts and a few beers

Larry with 3 desserts and a few beers

So, we were at a Rehoboth, Delaware place this past week. Thought we’d drop by to enjoy some beers and eats.

And enjoy we did.

Chilly day, not a whole lot going on, random Sunday Funday.

To some this is a holy grail of sorts. the great thing is that everyone is just that. Everyone. Common folks making an uncommon (and off centered) difference in the beer landscape.

Laura, our very competent and fun server, didn’t even balk or smirk when we ordered 3 desserts. Heck! With a whole line up of beers to try, why only have one dessert. They were all different as were the beers. All the better to pair and taste, my dear.

Be sure to remember that beer and dessert pair very well together. Sometimes obviously so, sometimes subversively so.

The key is in the trying. Try, try again…

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