Breaking news: Women like beer and they like sauce. How do I know this? Well, I’m not the only one who realizes that flavor is where you find it. And with an open mind you find it everywhere.

p.s. combine beer with sauces

Take writer Andrea Janes and what she says:

As a female, beer drinker, and general lover-of-life, I am always saddened by the myths and stereotypes I encounter among my female friends and acquaintances. When they say things like, “I don’t drink beer; I don’t like the taste of it,” it makes me want to say, “That’s ridiculous as saying, ‘I don’t eat sauce.‘ What kind of sauce? Chocolate? Pesto?'” I think a truly informative [resource] that not only breaks down different beer types and makes food pairing suggestions but also makes a strong argument for why women should drink beer (e.g. it’s our birthright, as the world’s original brewers!) could go a long way toward introducing a new crop of women to the hop.

Cheers to Andrea! She’s so right. Now, go enjoy some beer and sauce with women.

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